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On average more than 250,000 veterans exit the military every day, to begin their new lives and careers as civilians. 10 years ago, I was one of them. My own personal struggle transitioning from service personnel to a corporate professional provided the inspiration for Vet-Prep. I see talent and potential in people, and I help veterans just like you transition, integrate and contribute to the American workforce.


A true visionary with a passion for people, Pree Keener honorably served in the U.S. Air Force for nine years. After honing her skills managing personnel in the military, Pree earned and a B.S. degree in Adult Education Training & Development from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.  She is a Certified Human Resources professional (PHR) with more than 10 years of corporate experience in talent acquisition, and training and development.  Pree has provided real results and solutions for organizations in both the government and private sector across all industries, on a global scale.

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Vet-Prep’s mission is to assist veterans in their transition from the military to the workforce. We help servicemen and women integrate their military skills with the skills employers are seeking in the marketplace -- ultimately allowing them to land positions they are passionate about, and successfully contribute to the American workforce.    Our goal is to demonstrate how to translate military service into highly sought after civilian skills. We work to provide the best in career guidance and support services. Join one of our seminars and network with local employers and organizations, and obtain real-world advice from career experts.



We deliver workshops and seminars to educate and equip you with interviewing skills, resume writing, education resources, corporate benefits, and many more resources to be successful in your job search.   Our sessions are based on first-hand knowledge of what today’s employers are currently seeking in candidates, separating us from the traditional transition assistance program. We provide tricks, tips and need-to-know information that makes job searching and networking more effective, ensures your resume stands out above other applicants and helps you interview like a superstar. We focus only on the critical information veterans want and need to know.   Our sessions are designed to be a safe and inclusive environment for veterans to ask questions and gain knowledge on subjects such as the pre-employment process, interview preparation, career coaching, workplace benefits, corporate mindset and much more.



Virtual  and classroom sessions are offered quarterly. 

Sessions include:  

Your Exit Strategy 

Military vs Corporate Mindset 

Building Your Brand 

Networking/Job Search 

Resume Writing  

Interview Skills Training 

Negotiating Salary 

Pre-employment Process 

On-boarding Process 

Veteran Entitlements

and more

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Private coaching available for small groups and individuals. Contact a Vet-Prep Transition Coach today for pricing.

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